Brian Lee, a principal of E’BUS Consulting, LLC,
specializes in Business & Estate Planning. A large
part of his business concentrates on exit strategy
programs for family owned businesses. Because of
his unique approach toward planning, Brian is often
sought out by some of the largest financial institu-
tions in the country to lecture, teach and consult
with their clients.

Recognized by his peers and students as the “Frank
Lloyd Wright” of planning because of his often un-
orthodox approach, Brian’s passion for planning is
only surpassed by his desire to teach others. More
recently, through his students enrolled in his Con-
tinuing Education Accredited program, Brian is
passing on his knowledge to the next generation of
financial and insurance professionals.

Brian maintains that planning should not only cen-
ter on money and taxes. The real issues of planning
consists of the true life dynamics inherent in every
family unit. As a consultant, he focuses on three im-
portant areas: educating the client, asking the right
questions, and providing clients with available op-
tions to obtain their goal(s).


Able to close the gap between parties
Able to close the gap between parties and coordinate the planning among the client’s professional advisors.
Unrivaled in determining innovative out-of-the-box alternatives based on his uniquely wide range of expertise.
Unrivaled in determining innovative out-of-the-box alternatives based on his uniquely wide range of expertise.
Able to minimize tax obligations and maximize asset protection during ownership transitions and successions.
Able to minimize tax obligations and maximize asset protection during ownership transitions and successions.
Understands the complexities of family dynamics
Understands the complexities of family dynamics, individual quirks and corporate hierarchy and works to create uniquely tailored solutions.
Works to ensure…
Works to ensure that cases are resolved in a timely, efficient and diligent manner to minimize emotional costs and litigation.


Brian specializes in complex, comprehensive estate planning. He built his reputation on creating unorthodox solutions that better ensure a win-win for families and businesses. He works hard to protect people as well as assets, by understanding the implications of divorce, sibling rivalry, control, and other real life challenges. By anticipating situations that clients often don’t see coming, Brian has helped to protect the financial well-being and interpersonal relationships of many of Hawaii’s largest and most visible family businesses.


Brian’s uncanny understanding of State and Federal tax code makes him a valuable asset to anyone who is either starting, exiting from, or running a business. He utilizes a wealth of strategies to provide clients with effective ways to maintain and transfer wealth. Armed with a keen ability to identify key underlying issues, Brian helps businesses develop a sound succession plan and confidently take on the next state of their growth.


Brian provides and promotes highly effective family and partnership dispute resolution services. While fostering understanding and use of alternative disagreement solutions, he is able to bring all parties together via peacemaking sessions to come up with a suitable solution for everyone. Through cost and time effective dispute prevention and resolution procedures, Brian is able to successfully navigate and resolve all types of complex legal, business, family and interpersonal disputes. He proves that peacemaking is a valuable tool and an indispensable resource for parties seeking cost-effective alternatives to expensive and often time-consuming litigation.


Hawaii Continuing Education classes for insurance producers, CPAs and CFPs.
• Free Classes for the Community: Start up Saturdays and Estate Settlement
• AIG (Houston): Advanced Business and Estate Planning 4-day course
• General American Life Insurance Company: Instructor for 8 years in the Advanced Business and
Estate Planning School


Olelo guest speaker
California Foundation of CPAs
Hawaii Society of CPAs
Various CLU chapters
Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University, Utah
Business Exit Conference, UC Riverside, California
Financial Service Professionals Annual Meeting


Journal of Financial Services Professional Article: “Why 95% of Estate Plans Fail”
Business Marketing Volumes I, II, and III
Marketing through Estate Planning


Society of Financial Service Professionals
Hawaii Estate Planning Council
NASBA – National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Hawaii Tax Institute Advisory Board
HAPA – Hawaii Association of Public Accountants