SAFEGUARD YOUR WISHES Learn why 95% of estate plans fail and how to protect assets from real life situations. ESTATE PLANNING ELEVATE YOUR CLIENTELE Gain tools that increase your value to high net-worth individuals CE SEMINAR BECOME INDISPENSABLE Use estate planning solutions to solve clients' real life challenges. CE SEMINAR PROTECT BUSINESS INTERESTS Execute strategies for lower taxes and a more profitable business exit. EXIT STRATEGIES
CE Seminars
Business and estate
planning CE seminars
for CPAs, CFPs,
and HI Insurance Producers.
Estate Planning
Real world asset
protection strategies
for divorce, sibling rivalry
and life situations.
Business Strategies
Protect assets and people with business exit and tax strategies for individuals and organizations.
Resolve disputes
and bring parties
together without
expensive litigation.

Why Brian Lee?

Renowned for his unique approach toward planning, Brian Lee is often sought out by the nation’s largest financial institutions to lecture, teach and consult with their clients.


Based on Brian’s experience, his mindset of looking outside the box allows him to eliminate problems before they arise.


For 45 years, Brian has helped clients successfully plan for life’s most complex business and family issues, including sibling rivalry, divorce, lawsuits, control.


Brian possesses an uncanny ability to identify and resolve complex underlying issues, many of which clients are unable to articulate themselves.


Over the years Brian has taught professionals that it is infinitely more important to know the right questions at the right time than the answers to the universe. Many times, asking the right questions produces the right answer. 


Gain a detailed understanding of the often complex areas of tax and estate planning. Focus areas include: property titling, gift and estate tax compliance, property transfers, and trust taxation. 12 CE Credits.

This Intermediate to Advanced level class provides in-depth knowledge for practical applications of planning, such as overcoming family dynamics and adapting to overcome tax implications. 12 CE Credits.

This course covers business entities and the planning challenges facing business owners. Includes ESOP’s 831b Captives, business entity valuation, and qualified and non-qualified plans. 12 CE Credits.

Brian Lee has helped national companies and Fortune 500 corporations increase revenue streams through business and estate planning. Now, he’s sharing his unique knowledge with local individuals and organizations.

Learn why today’s estate planning is all about reducing income tax. Did you know real estate is the number one cause of sibling rivalry? How can you protect your family assets from divorce? Find out more in this free seminar featuring Brian Lee and Julie Suen, ESQ. See dates.

Does your current estate plan protect your real estate and family under the New Tax Law? Make an appointment for a free consultation. Co-sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation of HI.

What they said

José M. V.
AIG/American General
Financial Advisor

“I can truly say that Mr. Lee’s classes have helped me increase my production by 40%. It’s just amazing how in every session that we have, I learn of a new concept and its application, and I can take it with me to the field immediately.

Michael S.
American General Life and Accident Insurance Company

“Perhaps the most valuable benefit I have gained from attending Brain’s classes is how to apply and market the concepts which have given me additional confidence in approaching and discussing complicated planning topics with new prospects and existing clients.

American General Life
CLU, Registered Representative

“Your instruction will make us operate at a higher level of excellence. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a master.

Dick O.
Certified Public Accountant

“Extremely helpful for all estate planners, CPAs, attorneys and insurance agents to do their job better—no matter what their level of experience.

Travis T.
Certified Public Accountant

“I think this class was extremely informative and is a great way to get the estate planning ball rolling.

Derrick I.

I never thought sibling rivalry would be an issue until my parents died.  Brian showed us options and helped me preserve my relationship with my siblings.

Iris T.

Brian’s plan to keep your estate in the family is solid.  He goes above and beyond to understand family dynamics.  We highly recommend his services.

Dorothy N.

“Was of great insight to me personally: found problems (as a result of his class) with relatives’ estate planning.

Darren V.
Attorney, Financial Advisor

“Brian is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge ascertained from helping high-net clients for over 40 years. He lucidly demonstrates strategies and tactics that individuals can use to solve seemingly complex estate planning issues.

Lucille M.
Land and Genealogy Researcher

“Not only entertaining, but I learned several new approaches to estate planning.

Annjoy C.

“I think Brian has a wealth of knowledge on how to protect your assets so that you can pass it on to those you love. I really enjoyed the classes. It is a lot to comprehend and requires a lot of thought.

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